Mary K. Tedrow, Educator and Author


Mary K. Tedrow is a National Board Certified Teacher of English Language Arts/ Adolescence and Young Adulthood with twenty-six years of classroom experience. She directs the Shenandoah Valley Writing Project housed at Shenandoah University

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Write, Think, Learn

Find out how to create the climate and space for everyday student writing. In this new co-publication with MiddleWeb, award-winning teacher Mary Tedrow shows you how to encourage students to integrate daily writing into their lives, leading to improved critical thinking skills, increased knowledge of subject areas, and greater confidence in written expression. This practical guide will help you consider the unique needs of your students, while still meeting state standards.


The best advice ever for writers is the Roman maxim, 'nulla dies sine linea'– never a day without a line. In this practical and motivating book, master teacher Mary Tedrow shows how to use daybooks to build fluency, engage course content, and reflect on learning...

—Thomas Newkirk, Award-Winning Author, Educator, and Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire